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Kota Darul Ehsan (Town of Benevolence) is a marble arch built along the Federal Highway and demarcates the boundary of Selangor with KL.

The 4 cannons at the base of the arch are over 100 years old and were taken from the fort at Kuala Selangor. At the top of the arch are 2 Malaysian flags and 2 Selangor flags and 4 state crests. It was constructed at the cost of RM4.4 million and was officially opened by the late Sultan of Selangor (Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah) on 3rd January, 1982. He directed the construction of the arch as a memorial to commemorate the sacrifices made by the 'Sultan, government and people of Selangor' as a result of ceding KL to the Federal Government on 1st February, 1974.

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