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Parliament House, the symbol of democracy in Malaysia, is set up on a hill in the scenic Lake Gardens and is flanked by fountains and other ornamental features. It is accessible from the city centre is via a 4-lane dual carriageway (Jalan Parlimen).

The 2 chambers (Upper Chamber - the Senate and Lower Chamber - the House of Representatives) and their attendant facilities are placed in one rectangular complex, 4 storeys high, 190 metres wide and 61 metres deep. Rising through the centre of this concourse is the sharp triangular outline of the roof (11 folded plate roof) of the House of Representatives. In front of this building rises a 20 level tower block, 77 metres high, containing offices for ministers and members of the Upper and Lower Chambers. Topping the 15 floors of office space in the tower block is an open sided terrace commanding a magnificent view of the federal capital. This is used for informal receptions. On the ground floor is a small circular surau (prayer room) which can accommodate 100 persons. Dominating the ground floor is the massive banquet hall which can accommodate 500 people. Other facilities on the ground floor include a royalty room (for our King), library, a press room, lounge and canteen. A striking feature of the entire project is the elaborate water system which circulates specially treated water to the four floors of the main block as well as the 730,000 litre pool in the forecourt. The project took 3 and a half years to complete, cost RM16 million and was officially opened on 2nd November, 1963.

The ground of the Parliament House covers an area of 14.6 hectares (35 acres) and is planted with Berlian trees (from Sarawak), Tamar trees (date palms from Saudi Arabia), Mata Kucing trees (from Mauritius), Chestnut trees and others. There is a mini-park stock with deers (from the initial 6 presented by Suharto, the former president of Indonesia) and some exotic birds.

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