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This memorial is established in memory of the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. He was instrumental in achieving independence for our nation from the British. The memorial comprises of 3 buildings. 'The Residency' is the main building flanked by 2 newer blocks. 'The Residency' was his home and office which he occupied from 1956 to 1972 (as the Chief Minister of the Federation of Malaya and later as the first Prime Minister of the Federation of Malaya and later Malaysia).

The memorial, which sits on on 3 hectares (7.5 acres) of landscaped garden, was officially opened on 10th November, 1994. It serves as a permanent custodian for all archival, museum and library materials belonging or relating to Tunku.

Visitors and researchers are able to view the materials on display and also conduct research into the life and times of this statesman. Exhibits include cartoons on Tunku, granite display of the 'Proclamation of Independence', biographies of Tunku and his wife Tun Sharifah Rodziah (in the form of audio-visual display, photographs, documents and artifacts), newpaper coverage and his personal collection of books. There is a theatrette where a slideshow introduction to the Memorial is presented.

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