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Divers' Log


by Erik Karlsson

I was asked to write something about one of my dives at Redang, but I have found myself unable. The reason for this is that diving there is such a massive set of impressions. After all of my, so far, nine dives there, I have always ended up staring at my log book not knowing what to write, trying to sort out what my overfilled senses told me during the dive.

If I were to describe my first dive there, when I saw a Blue spotted Stingray for the first time and try to reflect what I felt meeting that magnificent creature as my first sight, when we reached the bottom; there would not be room for me to describe the dive when Liu signalled "down", went, like a torpedo, locked on target, straight to 30 meters where he showed me my first Nurse Shark sleeping under a rock. Neither would there be room for me to describe the wonderful underwater landscape and coral reef at the south tip of Pulau Lima. Nor would I be able to reflect on the incredible marine life at the KLCC (also called Karang Laut), the dive site where the fish seem to enjoy a never-ending party. There would not either be any room for me to describe the night dive where Larry pointed his torch straight at a swimming Spanish Dancer.

The impressions of my dives at Redang are all glimpses of light flashing up, reflecting memories of events. There are no tags and labels on them and I am unable to find words that could describe even one single dive.

Being a diver from northern Sweden and arriving to a place where the water temperature is 28 degrees Centigrade, the visibility is up to 20 meters (sometimes more) and the number of species exceeds anything I have ever seen before, Redang gave me experiences that I simply cannot describe.

Larry has a way of describing diving: "It is like a walk in the park". And he is absolutely right. Whether he knows it or not, he has taught me the full meaning of that; just be there, there and then, relax and enjoy the moment.

Redang offers a wonderful park and all the moments I enjoyed there are now unlabelled, unassorted glimpses of light in my heart.

I long to go back to Redang again.

Picture of Erik Karlsson

Erik is an Advanced Open Water Diver from Luleň, Sweden. He was born 1961 and certified Open Water Diver in August 2000. He is a Quality Manager and Software Engineer, working in the Ericsson corporation. He and his wife visit Redang during their summer holidays.


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