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Protect Our Marine Environment
Swallowtail slugs - image by Fennie Chin

Guidelines for visitors to the Marine Park:

  • Understand and respect underwater life forms; do not collect corals and shells for souvenirs, consider photography instead.
  • Consider your impact on aquatic life through your interaction; do not litter and feed fishes with unsuitable food or provoke them.
  • Anchor your vessels to mooring buoys; do not anchor your vessels onto the reefs.
  • Scuba divers are advised to obtain dive orientation from a qualified local diving operator prior to diving. Dive carefully with proper buoyancy control in the fragile marine environment.
  • If you are snorkelling, please avoid stepping on corals. Do make use of the rest floats provided by the marine park, they are for resting tired snorkellers.
  • Report any environmental disturbances or destruction observed during your visit to the nearest marine park centre.
  • Support marine park activities to help conserve our beautiful marine heritage.
  • Obey all Marine Park rules and regulations.

The following activities are prohibited in the Marine Park:

Seafan and Featherstar - image by AB

  • Collecting, removing, destroying or having in possession any marine resources such as shells, mollusc, corals and fishes whether dead or alive.
  • Possessing and using of spear guns or spearfishing equipments and harpoon.
  • Using of fish traps (bubu), poisons, explosive and electricity or other methods to catch fish.
  • Anchoring of boats directly onto the reef. (Please make use of the mooring buoys found within the marine park for mooring of boats.)
  • Littering and disposal of waste/rubbish.
  • Removing and/or destroying any structure such as buoys, notice boards, etc.
  • Constructing or erecting any building or other structure within the Marine Park Area, without authorisation.
  • Fishing within the Marine Park Area.
Link to Department of Marine Park Malaysia

Visit the website of the Department of Marine Park Malaysia  for more information on the Marine Parks of Malaysia.

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